2007 release 3.1 ver. Installation problem

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2007 release 3.1 ver. Installation problem
Thanasis Boukouvalas

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After uninstall of 2.8 I install 3.1 ADX.NET and I'm taking then following error message during installation:

Detailed technical information follows:
Date and Time: 11/1/2007 3:39:58 μμ
Machine Name: TBO-PC1
IP Address:
Current User: ES-ENTERSOFT\tbo

Application Domain: ADXTBOInstaller.2003.exe
Assembly Codebase: file:///C:/Program Files/Add-in Express/Add-in Express 2007 for .NET Professional/Bin/ADXTBOInstaller.2003.exe
Assembly Full Name: ADXTBOInstaller.2003, Version=3.1.455.2003, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
Assembly Version: 3.1.455.2003
Assembly Build Date: 25/12/2006 3:48:54 μμ

Exception Source: mscorlib
Exception Type: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException
Exception Message: Server execution failed
Exception Target Site: CreateInstanceImpl

---- Stack Trace ----
System.RuntimeType.CreateInstanceImpl(publicOnly As Boolean)
ADXTBOInstaller.2003.exe: N 00000 (0x0) JIT
System.Activator.CreateInstance(type As Type, nonPublic As Boolean)
ADXTBOInstaller.2003.exe: N 00066 (0x42) JIT
AddinExpress.ToolbarControls.InstallerUtils.InstallToolBox2003(strguid As String, file As String)
ADXTBOInstaller.2003.exe: N 00050 (0x32) JIT
AddinExpress.ToolbarControls.EntryPoint.Main(args As String[])
ADXTBOInstaller.2003.exe: N 08899 (0x22C3) JIT

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