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Renew subscription
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Hello support,

I have just renewed my subscription.
But the startdate is not the enddate of my old subscription.
So it seems I had to wait with the order till the enddate of my current subscription....
Posted 11 Nov, 2021 05:28:49 Top
Svetlana Cheusheva

Add-in Express team

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We have updated the expiry date for your new subscription so that the previous and new expiry dates are in agreement.

By default, a new subscription starts on the renewal date. The point is that we use a third-party e-commerce service to process our orders and are unable to sync renewals automatically.

In case of an early renewal, please drop us a short notice again, and we will update the date manually. Thank you for understanding!
Posted 11 Nov, 2021 06:14:03 Top

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Thank you for the quick reply!

I will keep it in mind when my college has to renew.

Kind regards,

Posted 11 Nov, 2021 06:19:20 Top