Success with Add-in Express

Every company has some metrics and benchmarks to measure its business growth and success. Here, at Add-in Express, we have just one major criterion. Our success is measured by the continuing success of our customers. It is the success of your project, your satisfaction with our tools and services that really matters. It's that simple!

Over 10,000 developers enjoy their success

More than ten thousand developers all over the world already use Add-in Express in their daily work. Now you can also join this friendly community. By choosing Add-in Express products, you are relying on our 10 years of experience and complete expertise in Microsoft Office development. And be confident, no matter how much time and effort it will take for us to ensure the success of your particular project, we will leave no stone unturned for you to succeed. We'd be happy to welcome you to Add-in Express!

Over 40,000,000 PCs have Add-in Express run-time installed

From startups to giants. From student campuses to corporate headquarters. From the Antarctic to North America. What about your own machine? :)

  • If you're developing Office add-ins, you're simply crazy to do so without Add-in Express
    Joe Zuffoletto, President
  • We have been incredibly impressed by your products here at FedEx Technology Services!
    Micah Bell, Technology Advisor
    FedEx Services
  • Add-in Express reduced our development time to a fraction of what it might have been
    LJ Morris, CTO
    SmartSearch Inc.