Architectureless coding, more thought

Built to fully leverage the rapid application development (RAD) paradigm, the Add-in Express architecture and programming model harmonize your work through special RAD modules. These RAD modules implement all of the necessary COM interfaces, automatically register and unregister your Office extensions, streamline access to Office object models and help you organize and create a truly rapid development process. As a container for all Office-specific components (e.g., custom toolbars, smart tag recognizers, rtd topics, ribbon tabs, regions, etc.), the RAD module helps you to focus your coding around components and their visual designers, properties and events.

Component-based programming model

You simply add components from the Add-in Express toolbox, specify their properties using either their visual designers or the Properties window and create any necessary events handlers. This approach to programming allows you to avoid what can often be cumbersome and routine coding. Instead, your thoughts are focused on your ideas and your efforts are fully concentrated on only your applied code.