Excel Add-ins, UDFs, RTDs, XLLs

With Add-in Express you can create Excel application-level extensions including COM add-ins, smart tags, real-time data servers (RTDs), user-defined function add-ins (UDFs, Automation add-ins) and XLL add-ins. Essentially, Add-in Express provides fully featured solutions for all Excel extensions.

For instance, without deep learning and routine coding you can develop an XLL add-in that supports:

  • Multithreaded calculation (x86 and x64)
  • Cell modifications and XLL-specific events
  • Large data arrays and Unicode
  • Function categories and function descriptors
  • Calling built-in worksheet functions
  • Running hidden functions and macros
  • Accessing the Excel object model

Your XLLs perform like native binaries

Finally, XLL add-ins based on Add-in Express perform like native binaries written in C++, yet your XLLs (as well as other Add-in Express solutions) remain secure, managed and isolated since it is still .NET at the core.