100% version-neutralityone code, all Office versions

Version-neutrality is the most important feature of the Add-in Express architecture. For any Office extension that you build, Add-in Express will generate a single project that works with:

  • All Office applications, from Access to Visio
  • All Office versions, from 2000 to 2021/365
  • All Office editions, from Home to Ultimate
  • All Office "bits", x86 and x64

No version-specific projects, no shared assemblies

With support for version-neutrality there is no longer a need to create multiple version-specific projects. You simply create one project, one setup scenario and one code base that is compatible with all versions of Office. Furthermore, you are not limited to using the version-neutral Office interop assemblies that are based on the Office 2000 type library. Add-in Express offers selective version-neutrality, so you can specify the minimum version of Office that your extension will support. For example, you can choose to base your extension on Office 2007, your add-in will be supported under Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and 2021.

100% compatibility with Office 2021 - 2000

The complete compatibility with all versions of Microsoft Office has always been our key idea and it will remain such. You can rest assured that your extensions will work flawlessly in all versions of Microsoft Office, from 2000 through 2021.