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Alexander Frolov
Head of end-user software dept.

Alexander Frolov

My name is Alexander Frolov, 32 years old. I have been at Add-in Express from its very first days starting my career as a web-master. After I mastered all the cobwebs of HTML and XHTML I aimed my efforts into another direction, and now I run the department of end-user software. We create add-ins for Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word, and do some testing and bug finding for our Add-in Express guys along the way :) You can find some of our add-ins at, all of them were developed with Add-in Express for Office and VCL.

My technical skills:

  • Programming languages: Javascript, Perl, PHP
  • Application servers: MS IIS, Apache
  • Other: CSS, HTML, XHTML

Out of work occupations and hobbies:

My wife, my newly born daughter, my cat and my friends. I also like good rock music and science fiction (Isaac Asimov, Stanislaw Lem, ect.)

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