VCL components & tools - useful resources for developers & end-users

Useful components, tools and controls for Delphi VCL.

ALDYN Software - Several components for Delphi.

Crystal Component - TCAD and TDICOMCAD are easy to use components for writing vector graphics and DICOM applications.

DelphiLand Tutorials - Delphi tutorials for beginners and intermediate level programmers. Fully commented source code included with each lesson.

Devrace Software Development - The most popular Delphi tools, FIBPlus and Athlant. Athlant is an expert for Delphi and C++ Builder, which integrates into IDE functions for work with a lot of various version control systems: PVCS, QVCS, CVS, SourceSafe, etc. FIBPlus is the simplest and most flexible suite of components for direct access to InterBase and Firebird.

Easy MAPI - Easy MAPI is a component set that allows you to get access to the Simple and Extended MAPI interfaces and the Windows AddressBook API. With Easy MAPI you can avoid all Outlook security problems. We strongly recommend Easy MAPI to developers that create Outlook COM add-ins.

Resource Tuner - Resource Tuner allows creative individuals the ability to fully view, edit and replace strings, bitmaps, and icons - all that make up the visual part of your Windows program. This tweaking tool enables you to view and edit almost anything about a compiled program, from the menus to the dialog boxes to the icons, etc.

ShellPlus Components - Use these components to integrate your application into Windows, make your software more usable and friendly, allow your users to access it with ease - conquer the Windows Shell!