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Components, tools and controls for Visual Studio .Net.

.NET Programming, visual basic controls, and web charts - Infragistics creates dot net controls and components to help web application developers create web grids, winforms, toolbars, website calenders, and more. Contact Infragistics for superior .net components, tutorials, and web grid creation tools.

A1VBCode - The VB Source Code Site

SecureBlackbox - If your add-in needs to sign, encrypt and verify data using X.509 certificates (part of PKI infrastructure) or PGP keys, send data via secure internet channels or perform other security-related tasks, take a look at SecureBlackbox.

Solid File System (SolFS) - If your add-in needs to store structured information in one secure storage, use Solid File System - the single-file virtual file system with encryption, compression and journalling support. SolFS lets you keep all data in one file, database field or other custom storage.

TheCodeNet - A resource for VB, API and VBA code examples. Also available is MS Office/VBA training and a full consulting service for custom desktop, MS Office and web application creation.

VBnet - Resource center for Visual Basic developers.

WebSupergoo - ASP VB and .NET Components for PDF Image and Upload - Let clients upload images onto your web site. Store images as files or in databases. Create dynamic PDF content. Make your web site extra sticky.