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Add-ins, plugins, tools and solutions for MS Office end-users. - MS Excel, Outlook, Word Add-ins & Tools - Reliable and handy tools for MS Excel, Outlook and Word. Pivot tables formatting, advanced Excel search & replace, managing multiple spreadsheets, auto making Outlook CC/BCC and more. - Microsoft Excel Add-ins and VBA macros - Macro Systems ( provides Microsoft Excel spreadsheet add-ins and downloadable books on Excel visual basic macros.

Best Excel Resources on the Web - May save you many hours of searching the web for Excel sites.

Better Solutions - FREE help and advice for all Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint users. The content is split into sections and each section contains the basic as well as the more advanced topics. Each page illustrates simple techniques which can be used to help you improve your skills and knowledge.

Excel 2010 Tutorial - A clear and concise Excel tutorial for Excel beginners and intermediate users.

Excel Templates and Add-ins for Business - Purpose built Excel templates and add-ins for financial analysis and business decision making.

KM Sciences - iSProject MS Project Add-in - iSProject is an MS Project Add-on product which provides extensive task details, real-time updates and complete status tracking. Using familiar MS Project and MS Outlook interface allows team members to share documents. No new tools to learn.

Manager Suite - Deliver management tools enabling to handle complexe business situations.

MS Excel repair - Excel recovery software - Outlook plugins, Excel add-ins and more - A wide range of add-ins & tools for Excel, Outlook, and other MS Office applications.

OfficeSpy - OfficeSpy - MS Office developer tool that provides fast and convenient access to all Object Model interfaces, lets you examine values of the properties, call functions, browse object hierarchy and monitor events.

Outlook Express Backup Wizard - The world's most popular utility to create complete backup copies of Outlook Express database.