debugging for IE in VS 2008

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debugging for IE in VS 2008
Bill Sherman

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For anyone reading this forum and looking for the answer:

I am running VS 2008 and IE 7. Sergey was able to help me via email and now I can debug with breakpoints. The key is to set up the Debug settings in the project properties in a certain way.

1. the Start Action setting must be "start external program", with the path provided to my copy of IE
2. the "command line arguments" box must be filled in with a non-empty URL, even if it is the dummy expression "about:blank".

Other options look equivalent but they are not:
- If I use the "start browser with url ..." option, debugging does not work
- If I use the "start external program" with the IE path and an empty "command line arguments" box (relying on my IE start location), debugging does not work
Posted 20 May, 2011 11:31:08 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Bill,

Thank you for sharing your experience.
Posted 20 May, 2011 12:22:58 Top