Uninstall option in toolbar

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Uninstall option in toolbar
I want to crate a uninstall button in the toolbar (without using Control Panel) 
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Ronald,

The .NET Framework v4.0 was released after SP2 for WinXP. Please try to rebuild your toolbar for .NET Framework v2.0.

Can I make an automatic upd ate of SP3 as a prerequisite on the install process?

SP3 is included in the automatic updates for Windows XP.
It is not possible to add it as a prerequisite to the toolbar installer.
Posted 10 May, 2011 10:34:23 Top
Ronald Abegg

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Hi Sergey,

Ok I'll work on my toolbar for .NET FW 2

thanks a lot!

Posted 11 May, 2011 09:03:37 Top