[Request] Events for "Install" / "Uninstall"...

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[Request] Events for "Install" / "Uninstall"...
Eugene Starostin


More specifically, as it is (.Net Version 2.0), what is the proper way of uninstalling if I hit error during debugging? Should I:-
1) Use Customize function of the Excel Toolbar to delete the Addin, and then,
2) Delete the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\...\Addins entry, and then,
3) Use regasm to unregister the Addin's dll?
All these steps done manually??

No, you needn't do this. ADX does all described automatically when an add-in is uninstalled.
Posted 26 Aug, 2004 08:40:56 Top
Eugene Starostin


Is it OK for me to reinstall Add-In Express after I've reinstalled both Office and VS? (I'm a registered licence user).

If you face anything that corrupts the work of an add-in you needn't reinstall Office or VS! A COM add-in just adds its command bars to its hostapp and the add-in key to the registry. You can always remove add-in command bars manually via Tools | Customize and the add-in key. I strongly object to reinstalling Office or VS! It takes a great deal of your time. :-)
Posted 26 Aug, 2004 08:47:40 Top
Eugene Starostin


it is not the favorite way to remove an addin because the uninstall event of the addin is not called, where adx will clean up the office command bar

If you uncheck an add-in in the COM Add-ins dialog box all add-in's command bars will be hidden. If you remove an add-in via the Remove button in the COM Add-ins dialog box, all command bars will be removed.

But I wouldn't call this uninstallation. As a rule all programs including COM add-ins are uninstalled via Control Panel.
Posted 26 Aug, 2004 08:52:27 Top
Eugene Starostin


adx implements two methods wich will performed when you register/unregister your addin with
regasm <module.dll>
regasm /u <module.dll>

they clean up the registry - deleting the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\...\Addins entry - and i hope will remove the commandbars as well

Yes, you are right. Every time a COM add-in is unregistered as a COM object (it is what regasm does) the add-in removes its command bars and removes the add-in key from registry.
Posted 26 Aug, 2004 08:55:42 Top
Eugene Starostin


the most prefered way is - especially when you product is installed somewhere - to remove your addin via the software control panel of windows

internally i'm sure it performs the regasm /u operation...

It is realized by an add-in setup project. You simply build the setup project, give the result exe to end-users.
Posted 26 Aug, 2004 08:59:47 Top
Sven Heitmann

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Good idea! We are sure to add this feature to the next version of ADX.NET.

that sounds good :)

is there a schedule when next uild is released... i need that "commandbar buttons with internal command id"/"commandbarcontrols with internal id" - you remember?

Am I right in understanding that the OnInstall event will be fired after an add-in is registered as a COM object and registered as a COM add-in?

And the OnUninstall event will be fired after an add-in is unregistered as a COM add-in (after deleting the add-in regkey) and unregistered as a COM object?

yes, i think that's the best way in this case...

Best regards,

Sven Heitmann
Posted 26 Aug, 2004 09:07:07 Top
Eugene Starostin


Could it be the AddIns is not competible with Office 2000??

ADX is complete compatible with Office 2000 and higher. To the contrary to other Offices nothing special has to be done for Office 2000.
Posted 26 Aug, 2004 09:07:23 Top