What is UpdateCounter for?

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What is UpdateCounter for?
Eugene Starostin


adx will add the command bars to word when it is first called... they are stored in the normal.dot of word then when word shuts down the command bars are not removed, right?

Yes, you are right. Normal.dot for Word. Outcmd.dat for Outlook.

wenn word starts again adx checks if there was an update for an command bar and replaces it then, right?

Yes, you are right again.

when the addin is uninstalled, adx removes the commandbars fom word, right?


when the addin is uninstalled by the installer, will it also remove the commandbars from word? the same for using regasm /u ?

Yes, it will (for both questions).
Posted 26 Aug, 2004 09:16:53 Top
Sven Heitmann

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thanks a lot :)
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Sven Heitmann
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