Strange slowdown on recipients

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Strange slowdown on recipients
Slowdown in Outlook 365 while typing recipients 
Pino Carafa

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To recap Dmitry's answer

Before even touching Recipient.AddressEntry, check if the SMTP address is available in the recipient table - use Recipient.PropertyAccessor.GetProperty to read the PR_SMTP_ADDRESS property (DASL name ""). If it is not present, read the PR_ADDRTYPE property ("") - this is equivalent to Type property on the AddressEntry object, which Recipient object unfortunately does not expose. If it is "SMTP", just use the Recipient.Address property. And only if it is not, use your function above that needs Recipient.AddressEntry.

Take a look at the appointment with OutlookSpy (clic kIMessage button, go to the GetRecipeintTable tab) to check if the PR_SMTP_ADDRESS property is available

-- I tried this in my own add-in and it works perfectly, AND fast.
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Andrei Smolin

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Regards from Belarus (GMT+3),

Andrei Smolin
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