Word standard taskpanes duplicated issue

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Word standard taskpanes duplicated issue
R. Damien

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Joined: 2014-04-28

Thanks for your clear answer.

This morning, I test as you suggested to replace standard with advanced task pane.

Unfortunately, an issue appears also with Windows Explorer preview Pane.
I Posted issue here : http://www.add-in-express.com/forum/read.php?FID=5&TID=12793
Posted 28 Oct, 2014 08:37:05 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Damien,

I have replied in that forum thread. I did not reproduce this issue yesterday and cannot reproduce it today. Please provide more information about the steps that lead to the issue.
Posted 28 Oct, 2014 09:18:28 Top