Install All User Outlook Express

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Install All User Outlook Express
How to install for all user? 
Fedor Shihantsov



Please set the Register property to vsdrpCOM for your Primary output dll in the Setup project.
(Use a Setup project context menu: View | File System | Application Folder)

Please let me know about the result.
Posted 24 Nov, 2010 03:44:34 Top
sbs studio

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I have the option "vsdrfCOM", it's the good option?

I set this value for the following files:
during the build for the setup, a warning indicates taht it's impossible to register this file.

But in my Setup projet, I don't have Primary output.

the other files ar in the Outlook Express API under "Common file directory", and I have these files:
launcher.exe =>vsdrfDoNotRegister
oeapiinitcom.dll =>vsdrfCOMSelfReg
oecom.dll =>vsdrfCOMSelfReg
oehook.dll =>vsdrfDoNotRegister
oestore.dll =>vsdrfCOMSelfReg

I good?
Posted 24 Nov, 2010 04:17:45 Top
sbs studio

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Ok It's Good.

I find the good option.

I set the option "vsdrpCOM" on Primary output, make confusion with the PIA.

Your solution it's correct.

Y can test now on my production environment.

Thanks a lot.
Posted 24 Nov, 2010 04:54:33 Top
Fedor Shihantsov


Thank you for notifying us.
Posted 30 Nov, 2010 10:04:17 Top