'Installer for Add-in fails' 2

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'Installer for Add-in fails' 2
Add-in fails on Outlook 2010 on WinXP and Vista 
Michael Winther

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I'm experiencing the same issue as george Christou descripes in 'Installer for Add-in fails'...

I've included the Primary Interop Assemblies 2007 in the installation.
The adxregistrator.log only updates when the installation is succesfull :|

I'm compiling against Interop.Outlook version 12.

apparently there's no problems with Outlook 2010/Win7 and Outlook 2007 on any OS.

All machines are x32.
Posted 23 Aug, 2011 02:31:02 Top
Eugene Astafiev

Add-in Express team

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Hi Michael,

Please make sure that you installed the .Net Programmability Support feature for Office on the problematic PC. Does it help?
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Posted 23 Aug, 2011 03:42:29 Top
Michael Winther

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Joined: 2009-10-06
Hi Eugene

That did the trick :D
Thank u very much, I've been looking a long time for that detail :)
Posted 25 Aug, 2011 07:53:14 Top