Access single COM server from AddInExpress module and Excel macros

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Access single COM server from AddInExpress module and Excel macros

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Suppose I'm developing Excel Addin which loads some COM server (does not matter now - inproc or out-of-proc) - the approporiate __ComObject instance (singleton) is saved as some static member value. I can successfully call this server's methods from task panes, from AddInExpress event handlers. etc. But: I can not use the same COM object from Excel macros (saym defined as butotn click, etc.) since this macro is executed in different appdomain! My question is if I can re-use (I do not how) existing COM server from macros? Can I (somehow) pass __ComObject instance from one appdomain to another?

Or, is it possible to use single appdomain for my application (I suppose it's AddInExpress who creates separate AppDomain)?

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Andrei Smolin

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Hi Alex,

Consider creating a public property or method providing access to that COM object and use that property/method in your macros:


1. strMyComAddinProgId - see the ProgId attribute of your add-in module.
2. MyPublicPropertyOrMethod is called via late binding

Regards from Belarus (GMT+2),

Andrei Smolin
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