Word 2010 Add-In that could prevent word from closing based on certain conditions

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Word 2010 Add-In that could prevent word from closing based on certain conditions
Word 2010 Add-In 
Karthick Sethu

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:cry: I am having a word 2010 document which has a Document Information Panel coming up when the document is opened from SharePoint. I am looking to write an add-in which a) could ensure the DIP validations are all fine and b) if not, prevent the word document from closing. c) Also prevent the document from being saved into any local folder - i.e, the document should be saved only into a SharePoint document library. Would all this be possible with your add-in? if then, I would be buying them immediately.
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Eugene Astafiev

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Hi Karthick,

Thank you for your interest in our products.

Please use the Word Object Model to get the properties shown on the Document Information Panel. To get assistance with host applications’ objects, their properties, and methods as well as help info, use the Object Browser. Go to the VBA environment (in the host application, choose menu Tools | Macro | Visual Basic Editor or just press {Alt+F11}), press {F2}, select the host application in the topmost combo and/or specify a search string in the search combo. Select a class /property /method and press {F1} to get the help topic that relates to the object. Also you may be interested in the Set Word Document Properties Programmatically article in the MSDN magazine.

Please use the DocumentBeforeClose event of the ADXWordAppEvents component to cancel the process of closing a document. For example:

private void adxWordEvents_DocumentBeforeClose(object sender, ADXHostBeforeActionEventArgs e)
    e.Cancel = true;
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