Add-In Loads Very Slow Office 2007

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Add-In Loads Very Slow Office 2007
Kevin Smet

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On the server... where the Office applications are installed.
Posted 09 Mar, 2011 08:38:44 Top
Eugene Astafiev

Add-in Express team

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Hi Kevin,

13:41:24 880 17072 Success.
13:41:40 880 17072 Unwrapping the managed class.

As a rule we can see such delay in our offline virtual PCs with the Certificate revocation option enabled (without internet connection). When the add-in is loaded Office tries to check out the certificate. But there is no connection to the internet. I am 99,9 % sure that the issue depends on the Certificate revocation settings. Could you please take a screenshot of the settins?

Also please try installing .net framework 4.0 and let me know whether it helps.
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Posted 09 Mar, 2011 10:23:35 Top