Working example with Setup-project for secman usage on x86 and x64?

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Working example with Setup-project for secman usage on x86 and x64?

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Hi there,

i am building a standalone exe (uses redemption) to index outlook. the security dialog pops up on client machines. secman.dll will do, i know. but what about x64 systems? Is there and working project + setup project to deploy the RIGHT secman.dll (or secman64.dll) including checking bitness or bitness conditions or registering ?


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I found SecManRegisterServer()!

Can i use this to call something like that:

bool is64bit = Is64BitOutlook();
if (is64bit)

If so, do i still need to selfregister both DLLs in the setup project?
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Eugene Astafiev

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Please have a look at the series of articles called Outlook Security Manager 2010 deployment on our technical blog. Pay a special attention to the Outlook Security Manager 2010 deployment: bitness and regsvr32 utility, part 2 article. Is it what you are looking for?
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