where to save session state?

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where to save session state?
is there a place to save add-in state for each Word document that's opened 
Chris Arndt

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I'm new to Office add-ins. I'm working on a Word add-in, at the moment. I have some user info I need to keep. Some is related to each document that is opened, while some of it might be global.

Is there a handy place to keep these two types of info??
Posted 11 Jan, 2011 21:21:05 Top
Eugene Astafiev

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Hi Chris,

You can store the info related to each document in the custom properties. Please have a look at the CustomDocumentProperties property of the Document class in Word. The other info you may store in the XML file on the hard drive (in the AppData folder, for example, it will be unique for each user). Anyway, you can use any place on the PC to store your global data (including DB systems).
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