Unspecified error when loading the add-in

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Unspecified error when loading the add-in
Mimi Yang

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One client has the problem to load the add-in,
This is a released product, can't replace with the new loader.


log file
Loader version: 4.4.1920

13:31:21 15024 5684 Start.
13:31:21 15024 5684 Reading the registry key
13:31:21 15024 5684 Success. The registry key
'HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{861D7BC4-AAAF-444B-A60A-9ABDC14E6E0C}' is closed.
13:31:21 15024 5684 Forwarding call to the mscoree.dll.
13:31:21 15024 5684 The mscoree.dll has been loaded successfuly.
13:31:21 15024 5684 Getting the address of the DllGetClassObject function.
13:31:21 15024 5684 Success.
13:31:21 15024 5684 Calling the DllGetClassObject function of the
13:31:21 15024 5684 Unspecified error
Posted 10 Dec, 2010 16:02:58 Top
Eugene Astafiev

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Hi Mimi,

Loader version: 4.4.1920

Please note that you use an old version of Add-in Express. First of all, you need to replace the adxloader.dll in the Loader folder of your project with a new one (even in your released product).

You can download the last build of Add-in Express 2008 from our web site. Also you may try to use the adxloader.dll file which comes from Add-in Express 2009.

BTW What versions of .net framework do you have installed on the problematic PC?
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Posted 13 Dec, 2010 04:52:58 Top