Unmanaged code office add-in version in Add-in Express

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Unmanaged code office add-in version in Add-in Express

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I just want to verify my understanding from reading about your product versions for creating Office add-ins.

If I want to create an unmanaged code add-in with Add-in Express, I must use your VCL version.
The C++ capability in your .Net version requires the .Net framework (managed). You don't have a C++ unmanaged version.

Is this correct?

Thanks for your help,

Posted 16 Nov, 2010 14:27:02 Top
Eugene Astafiev

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Hi Craig,

Yes, you are on the right avenue. Currently Add-in Express for Office and .net doesn't allow developing native C++ COM add-ins. Instead, please use the VCL version.

Sorry for inconvenience that may be caused by this.
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Posted 17 Nov, 2010 04:31:21 Top