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Using search function...
Heinz-Josef Bomanns

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i've used the search function to locate an old thread i've opened some months ago - - when the search results are displayed there's no way to reply. Is there really no other way than starting with the main page of the forum and then searching page by page until i've found the original thread to have the abbility to reply?

As to the topic of the mentioned thread: Are there any news? Just working on another project that needs to change 'imageMso' for an ADXRibbonButton depending on some settings. 'PropertyChange' still doesn't work for that...

PS: Just used search function to locate - in this thread i have the abbility to reply - strange...
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Posted 12 Oct, 2010 20:39:46 Top
Eugene Astafiev

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Hi Heinz-Josef,

After 30 days the thread was closed automatically. That is why the last thread is not closed yet.

I will take a look at this and then let you know the results. Thank you for pointing this to me.
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Posted 13 Oct, 2010 06:34:07 Top