Unwanted files in the Populate list

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Unwanted files in the Populate list
Unwanted files in the Populate list 
dan gallery

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Hi guys,

At one point I added a \sampleFiles folder with some files in it to my add-in project. When I Publish, and click Populate, the \sampleFiles folder and their files appear in the list. I want to kill these files fr om the list.

You previously told me that these files are added by VS when it analyzes the dependencies of the probject. But for the life of me I cannot find wh ere these files are specified in my VS studio, and a google search didnt help. How do I remove them as dependencies from the project?

Thank you!


p.s. hey guys, figure it out. I had set my build folder to the c:\program files\app folder, so that I could build to the same location i installed to. It was there the sample files were lurking, and once I deleted them from there, they no longer showed up in the populate list.

Thanks anyway, my bad!
Posted 18 Aug, 2010 17:09:43 Top
Alexander Solomenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Dan,

I am afraid, I didn't understand the question correctly.
Could give me a step-by-step description to replicate your issue.
Aleksandr Solomenko
Posted 19 Aug, 2010 06:54:42 Top