User input during setup for Outlook Addin in ADX for .NET

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User input during setup for Outlook Addin in ADX for .NET
Alex van Amersfoort

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I have a few questions about the setups from ADX:

1) Is het also possible to let the user decide during the setup whether or not to install the addin for all user or just the current user?
2) Is it possible to determine the default install location differently for x86-machines. So use "%ProgramFiles(x86)%" and if that does not exist, use %ProgramFiles%?
3) Is it possible to generate a XML-file with some user input during the setup, like database-location?

Thanks in advance!

Posted 09 Jun, 2010 07:23:14 Top
Eugene Astafiev

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Hi Alex,

1. No, it is not. We will add it in one of the next builds of Add-in Express.
2. You can check out the OS: whether it is the x64 based or not. Please use the IntPtr.Size property for such task. It will return 8 bytes in case of x64 based OS.
3. Yes, it is. You can use custom actions of the MSI installer.
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Posted 09 Jun, 2010 08:01:31 Top