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Word Startup Time
To long Word Startup time with addin 

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Hi AddIn Express Team!

Our product is using your fine word addIn. We use Word 2000 on Windows XP with dotnet 2.0.

Word startup takes some seconds (aprox. 6s) longer with your addIn. (without addin 8s, with addin 14s) Some very powerful users are NOT accepting that. These people frequently use word for viewing existing word documents and don't need our extension. Our Word extension adds some popups to word menu bar and one button to standard bar. We tried a very simple example which only opens a message with the same result.

We are desperately looking for a way to optimize the word startup with our word extension. We would like to load the addin only in case of need. Can you recommend us something?

Solution 1: LoadBehavior of word addins (We load the addin only if needed)
We tried to use LoadBehavior = ConnectFirstTime. We looked through your online forum and local help but we didn't find anything. This option loads the addIn at the first word start. Later only in case of need.Does this apply after rebooting one's machine, too? Can word display our icons and popups without loaded addIn. (Only our addIn knows how the gui looks like.) Please send us a little example.

We expect:
- During the first word start our addIn is loaded.
- Each later word start doesn't load our addIn and doesn't start the dotnet runtime environment. Word correctly displays our custom icons and popups.

best regards from shining Austria.
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Andrei Smolin

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Hello René,

Is the delay described in Delays at add-in start-up?

Regards from Belarus (GMT+2),

Andrei Smolin
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Posted 06 Jul, 2009 14:07:23 Top