IE Command Button OnClick Stopped Working

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IE Command Button OnClick Stopped Working
OnClick Event No Longer Fires for IE Command Button 

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I believe I must have toggled or goofed up something on my development machine, as the IE Toolbar Command Button will no longer fire the OnClick event. I'm running on Windows Server 2003, and have used both the 2008 and 2009 versions of the Add In Express for Internet Explorer on both IE7 and IE8. I've created the simplist command button project, using the supplied default smiley icons and having the OnClick Event do nothing more then a MessageBox.Show(). The Menu Item added in the Tools menu will not fire the event, either. This used to work. Interestingly enough, I can install the simple Add In on another machine, using setup, and the event fires.

I've checked the IE Add In manager, and all is enabled. I'm hoping you might have a few suggestions.

Thanks much
M. Myers
Posted 13 Jun, 2009 18:17:56 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Please try to unregister the add-on and then register it again.
Are you able to debug the add-on in Visual Studio?
Posted 15 Jun, 2009 14:30:31 Top