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webview title bar
can the text be modified? 
Christopher Cardinal

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We have a webform extension in our addin that is linked to a folder within the mailbox. When it is selected, the name of the folder is used within the title bar. In OL 2K3, it adds a DASH to be name ie. My Folder Name -.
In 2K7, the whole name appears to be a URL with the entity for space i.e.
My Folder Name -- My%Folder%Name

which is of course super ugly.

can anything be done?
Posted 06 Mar, 2009 17:40:58 Top
Fedor Shihantsov

Add-in Express team

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What version of Add-in Express did you use to build the add-in?

The title bar should contain the following caption: [FolderName] - [ADXOlForm.Text].
Outlook combines a folder name and the HTMLDocument Title tag. ADXOlFormsManager changes HTMLDocument Title tag by the ADXOlForm.Text property when ADXOlForm is activated.

BTW, you can change the ADXOlForm.Text property in the ADXOlBeforeFormShow event.
Posted 09 Mar, 2009 07:36:34 Top