XLL: CallWorksheetFunction in general, xlfSetName in particular

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XLL: CallWorksheetFunction in general, xlfSetName in particular
Ken Vogel

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I've discovered CallWorksheetFunction by looking at other forum posts here. This appears to be a wrapper on Excel4/Excel12, which is very useful. However, I can't find any mention of CallWorksheetFunction in the documentation (in fact, ADXXLLModule isn't even listed in the API docs). Is this function described anywhere?

This function uses the (misspelled) enum ADXExcelWorkseetFunction to map to the various xlf* constants defined in the XLL API. The int values of these enums appear to be exactly the xfl constants from xllcall.h

However, I couldn't find an enum for xlfSetName (enum value 88). Was leaving this out a just a mistake, or is there something about this that doesn't work? The following code does appear to work for me, but I'm worried that I'm doing something that is unsupported.

Module.CallWorksheetFunction((ADXExcelWorkseetFunction)88, MyWSName", myref);

Thanks in advance,
Posted 28 Jan, 2009 09:06:56 Top
Andrei Smolin

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Hello Ken,

Thank you for pointing us to the whole bunch of our problems. Now we will think on how to fix this.

I've checked the implementation of CallWorksheetFunction; your code should work without any problems.
Posted 28 Jan, 2009 10:31:29 Top