what does the installer class do?

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what does the installer class do?
AddinExpress.MSO.dll .NET installer class 
Damon Eckert

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Is it possible to tell me what exactly the installer class in the AddinExpress.MSO.dll assembly does? What does the installer class do with the /addin argument that you must pass to it? Does it register the addin somehow? thanks
Posted 13 Jun, 2005 12:52:29 Top
Sven Heitmann

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Hi Damon,

you could take a look into the sourcefiles of ADX for detailed info.

ADXAddinModule::OnAfterInstall and ADXAddinModule::ADXRegister is where you should look at.

To sum up, what is done:

It creates a TypeLib of ADX, registers both the TypeLib and ADX Assembly and places the Assembly into the GAC.
It registers your AddIn Assembly (there is a Service of .NET doing this (like regasm.exe)) wich calls ADXRegister.
This checks the ProgId and Type and register it as Office Addin (creates the necesary Registry Entries).
Finally it corrects your TypeRegistration to set full path for mscoree.dll.

Best regards,

Sven Heitmann
Posted 14 Jun, 2005 03:41:14 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Sven.

Thank you for help.
Posted 14 Jun, 2005 05:21:44 Top