VBA Wrappers For COM Addin Functions?

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VBA Wrappers For COM Addin Functions?
Can I write COM Addins that can be accessed through VBA? 
Andrew Painter

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I need to provide the ability for VBA Macros in Word to call Functions and Subs in my ADX COM Addin.

I cannot add a VBA Reference to MyAddin.dll directly, since it doesn't seem to be registered as a COM component in its own right. Can I make my MyAddin.DLL register as a COM Component, add a Word VBA reference to it, and call functions directly in macros?


Posted 06 Jan, 2009 14:51:43 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Andrew.

To access the add-in from the VBA project please use the Object property of the COMAddIn interface.

Application.COMAddIns.Item("<add-in progID>").Object
Posted 08 Jan, 2009 09:38:51 Top