Outlook Plugin Setup fails on Vista

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Outlook Plugin Setup fails on Vista
my addinExpress-based Setup freezes; plugin not installed correctly 
Andreas Bruckner

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I've got problems installing an AddInExpress 2008 Outlook Plugin on some Windows Vista machines.
The setup freezes during install, and will therefore not finish correctly; it has to be killed using the taskmanager. All files from setup are copied and all registry keys are written correctly.

After killing the setup, and doing a regsvr32 on adxloader.dll, the plugin shows up correctly in outlook, and works like a charme. But of course: there's no entry in "Add or remove programs".
Running the setup on WinXP works perfectly.

My Settings:
using version neutral PIAs
The Plugin is written for Outlook only.

My Environment:
Windows XP SP2
.Net 1.1.4322
Visual Studio 2003, VB.NET
AddInExpress 2008 (v400-b1902-vs-std)
Outlook 2003

On Target Machine:
Windows Vista 32bit
Outlook 2007
UAC set to 0 (via registry)
used account: Administrator

Log from MSI-Installer can be seen here:
msi.log (zip)

Please, has anyone an idea of what I'm doing wrong?

kind regards,
Posted 03 Sep, 2008 08:04:45 Top
Eugene Astafiev


Hi Andreas,

Did you try to turn on the UAC? Does it help?
Posted 03 Sep, 2008 14:01:23 Top
Andreas Bruckner

Posts: 14
Joined: 2008-01-31
Thanks for answering this. I really appreciate the support in this forum!

If you are talking about UAC in vista:
I just DISabled it using msconfig ("Disable UAC" on tab "Tools").

And now setup completed. I hope, this will work on other machines as well.

Some other question: I read in other posts that when creating a new adx-project, there exists an option "use UAC".
Is this true, and if 'yes': how to turn on/off this on existing vb.net (Vs2003) projects?
Posted 04 Sep, 2008 02:44:08 Top
Eugene Astafiev


Hello Andreas,

Please read the following article. It can help you with this question.
Posted 04 Sep, 2008 16:38:34 Top