XLL and Excel Ribbons

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XLL and Excel Ribbons
Can both exist in the same add-in? 
Thomas Marquez

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I have successfully created an XLL for Excel 2007 via Afdd-in Express XLL Addin module and I have successfully created a Ribbon Tab will controls for Excel 2007 via Add-in Express .COM AddIn Module. The problem comes when I try to do both in one add-in. If I try to add a Ribbon to the XLL it does not appear. If I try to add an XLL module to the .COM AddIn module, the UDFs do not appear. I would like the UDFs to be done through an XLL because I want to use the description feature of the Insert Function dialog box.

Is it possible to create an XLL that also contains Ribbon tabs? If so, how?

Thanks for your help.

Posted 26 Aug, 2008 12:14:57 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Thomas.

To add an XLL module to a COM add-in you can use the 'XLL Add-in Module' new item wizard. Please note, you need to unregister the add-in before you add the XLL module.
Posted 26 Aug, 2008 20:46:40 Top