Word 2007 Math Add-in Fails to Install Correctly

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Word 2007 Math Add-in Fails to Install Correctly
Add-in Installation problems 
Tony Togora

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While I know you are not obliged to help with this problem you appear to be the only web site willing to discuss add-ins. So any assistance you can offer would be gratefully received.

I am having problems installing the Word 2007 Math add-in. To date I have:

1. Re-downloaded and reinstalled a number of time.
2. Checked the Add-in manager to see if it is listed - it is not.
3. Checked to see if it has installed on my system - it has.
4. Checked if there is an add-in tab or Math icon - there is not.

Any assistance with this problem would be great.


Posted 31 May, 2008 12:34:14 Top
Eugene Astafiev

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Hi Tony,

Сheck if your add-in fell to disabled items in Word.

In Word 2003, see Help | About Microsoft Office Word, then the "Disabled items" button.

In Word 2007, press the Office button and choose "Word Options". Then press "Add-Ins". Find your add-in in the "Disabled Application add-ins" category at the bottom of the list.

Enable the add-in and restart Word. If this doesn't help, contact the vendor.
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Posted 02 Jun, 2008 09:04:19 Top
Tony Togora

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Joined: 2008-05-31
Hi Eugene,

Sorry I should have add this to my list of tasks done. I have already checked to see if it was listed as disabled but it isn't. But thanks for taking the time to provide some assistance.

Also, I have attempted to contact Microsoft's Math Development Team but that is proving difficult.

Thanks again

Posted 03 Jun, 2008 08:13:21 Top