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Add Button to Word document
Adding a button or link to a word document 
Wissam Malaeb

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Is it possible to add a button or link that we can capture its click event within a word document using the "Add-in Express™ 2008 for Microsoft Office and .net" add-in. What we need exactly is:
1- The ability to dynamically highlight certain content of an email in Microsoft Outlook.
2- The ability to allow the user to take action on the highlighted text by converting this text to a link/button and capture the click event.

We are not bound to the features mentioned as long as we reach the end result which is the ability to highlight certain text and then take action on it. Your quick reply is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance..


Posted 08 Apr, 2008 03:50:21 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Wissam.

No, Add-in Express doesn't implement such functionality. So, if you have already developed such code, you can use it within the Add-in Express based project.
Posted 08 Apr, 2008 07:46:29 Top