add ins, word and outlook

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add ins, word and outlook
Problem with Menu for Outlook 
ashish sharma


i had added AdxCommandBar1 control to the form and in supportedApps select Word;Outlook.

the menu and sub menu is appearing fine in case of winword but in case of outlook the tool menu is appearing but sub menu is not displaying.
i had tried a lot but did'nt able to do it.

For testing i had added a tool bar and added two button on it, and the same is working fine in word and outlook case.

Ashish Sharma
Posted 31 Jan, 2008 05:32:38 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Ashish.

Do you add controls to the main menu of Outlook?
If so, please use a separate command bar for Outlook and set the Temporary property to True.
Posted 31 Jan, 2008 07:30:44 Top