Add-in menus not appearing in VS2019 (new install)

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Add-in menus not appearing in VS2019 (new install)
Michael Dye

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Hello all,

I've just installed Add-In Express (.net) in VS2019 and trying out the demo MS Outlook add-in.

All loads & compiles ok

But I can't find any of the "menu additions" that I'd expect to find having read some of the getting started guides; e.g.

"Choose Register Add-in Express Project in the Build menu. Alternatively, you can choose Add-in Express | Register in the context menu of the add-in project."

Neither of those menu options exist.

VS 2019 professional with quite a few add-ons e.g. ReSharper


Dr. Michael Dye.

PS I'll try a reinstall of the Add-in Express stuff... just in case :)
Posted 03 Dec, 2020 12:54:43 Top
Andrei Smolin

Add-in Express team

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Hello Michael,

Choose Help | About in the main menu of the Visual Studio IDE, and click Copy Info on the About dialog. This puts the info the dialog displays to the clipboard. Send me that info to to the support email address that you find in {Add-in Express installation folder}\readme.txt; please make sure your email contains a link to this topic.

Michael Dye writes:
All loads & compiles ok

This means that you can build the project, correct? But you can't register it since there's no items, correct?

Does this issue occur if you create a new empty Add-in Express add-in?

Regards from Belarus (GMT+3),

Andrei Smolin
Add-in Express Team Leader
Posted 04 Dec, 2020 03:24:57 Top
Michael Dye

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Joined: 2009-02-20

Sorry - it was computer gremlins :)

Reboot; un-install + re-install and it's working!

Yes; I could build the project; but the VS 2019 menus (context and otherwise) hadn't updated to contain the Add-in Express entries. I did try a restart of VS before emailing you etc. but not the full reboot/un/reinstall... So no register/unregister menu - couldn't run the project under debug (well; couldn't install it in MS Outlook...)

Thanks for the quick reply - I've now successfully built/installed/run/uninstalled the demo project so I'm now ready to go!

Ta, Dr. Michael Dye.
Posted 04 Dec, 2020 04:03:44 Top