ADX Keyboard Shortcut Bug

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ADX Keyboard Shortcut Bug
6 keyboard characters do not work unless you manually change the AddinModule's Code 
Jim J

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Using Add-In Express version 9.4.4644.0 I found the following bug in the ADXKeyboardShortcut component.

I was testing my Excel Add-in's keyboard shortcuts using the ADXKeyboardShortcut component and noticed the following 6 characters cannot be used unless you manually change the code in the AddinModule's InitializeComponent sub procedure.

Using Ctrl or Shift or Ctrl+Shift with the below characters all produce the same bug.

1.) Insert must be manually changed to Ins.
2.) Delete must be manually changed to Del.
3.) OemCloseBrackets must be manually changed to Oem6.
4.) OemPipe must be manually changed to Oem5.
5.) OemSemicolon must be manually changed to Oem1.
6.) OemQuotes must be manually changed to Oem7

I learned the working syntax by trapping the AddInModule's OnKey_Down Event.

For example if I was going to trap the Ctrl+Pipe character the designer would produce the following code which would not work.
Me.KBSCTest.ShortcutText = "Ctrl+OEMPIPE"
But if I manually changed it to the following it would work.
Me.KBSCTest.ShortcutText = "Ctrl+OEM5"

All other characters (A-Z), (0-9), (F1-F12), (NumPad0-NumPad9), (Home, End, PgUp, PgDn), (Up, Down, Left, Right) and (Tilde,Minus,Plus,OpenBrackets,Comma,Period,Question and Space) all work fine.

I did not test the following keyboard options as I don't plan to support them in my addin (Apps,Back,Cancel,Clear,D0-D9,Enter,Escape,LWin,Next,Pause,Prior,RWin,Scroll).

While I did fix the issue on my end I thought I would let you know that currently the AddinModule's designer is producing code that does not work with the above 6 characters and should probably be corrected in the next version of Add-In Express.

Posted 24 Nov, 2020 21:47:27 Top
Andrei Smolin

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Hello Jim,

Thank you for pointing us to this issue!

Regards from Belarus (GMT+3),

Andrei Smolin
Add-in Express Team Leader
Posted 25 Nov, 2020 09:13:58 Top