ADX WIX setup project fails to build on VS 2019 and .NET 4.8

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ADX WIX setup project fails to build on VS 2019 and .NET 4.8

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Unfortunately, we encountered problems while building a MSI file via WiX when generating the WiX setup project using Add-In Express v9.4.4644 for Microsoft Office and .NET. We are using a Windows 10 setup with Visual Studio 2019, .NET 4.8, latest WiX extension for Visual Studio 2019 and WiX toolset v3.11.2.

When creating the MSI for a WPF project using just WiX there’s no problem and we get the MSI file. However, when using Add-In Express (context menu ‘Create Setup Project’) it generates the setup project for us; but when we now want to build this project to get a MSI file it quits with the error that Microsoft.Build.Utilities, Version= couldn’t be found.

A workaround found on the web suggested to add .NET 3.5 through the ‘Add/Remove Windows features’ option. Now this leads to the error that now Microsoft.Build.Utilities.v12.0, Version= couldn’t be found. So we’re stuck at this point.

When using WiX toolset v4.x it works out well. But since v4.x isn’t production ready this is not an option for us.

It seems, that there is an problem, when using Add-In Express with WiX toolset v3.11.2. Do you have any advice on how to get the Add-In Express working with WiX v3.11.2?

Thanks in advance.

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Posted 07 Apr, 2020 07:21:38 Top
Andrei Smolin

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We suppose this relates to your VS installation. I suggest that you check if all components related to building are installed. Sorry for a too-generic advice; I have no idea what may cause this. In any way, this doesn't relate to WiX.

Also check if the issue occurs on a newly-created add-in project. If it does, send the complete solution folder to the support email address; make sure your email contains a link to this topic.

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Andrei Smolin
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Posted 08 Apr, 2020 03:50:04 Top