.Net Core Support in ADX

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.Net Core Support in ADX
Jeremy Bean

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I understand that the COM interactions are supported in .net core on Windows only and with some issues (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46866103/adding-com-objects-to-asp-net-core), but is there any thought to how to support .net core with ADX?

Should we be able to upgrade now or in the future?
Posted 09 Dec, 2019 05:09:43 Top
Andrei Smolin

Add-in Express team

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Hello Jeremy,

Add-in Express implements a schema of creating/debugging/deploying/updating add-ins. It aims to minimize the common difficulties that the developer runs into with Windows versions, Office versions, bitnesses, prerequisites, permissions and privileges, updates, etc.

In order to support the .NET Core, we would need to change this schema. This hurts.

.NET Core will restrict the Windows versions supporting the add-in. To support previous versions, you will create a different setup project. Also, you will need to deploy a .NET Core related prerequisite(s). Compare this with the .NET Framework 4 preinstalled on Windows 10 . *Many* add-ins use this fact.

The need to use a different prerequisite will cause a lot of issues. Also, using the .NET Core will provoke issues caused by developers trying to deploy their add-ins e.g. to Linux or iOS.

The visual side of using a .NET Core project is the "Register for COM interop" check box disabled; see the Build tab of your project Properties. We can't support the new C# project format because of that check box. Inability to set that checkbox programmatically means inability for you to register the add-in for debugging. To support the .NET Core, we are required to implement something to *allow* you to debug the add-in.

Changing the schema would also mean creating different versions of Add-in Express utilities. We may need to create different utilities. If this were required, this wouldn't be a question of *support* .NET Core, it would mean creating a new product.

You see how everything becomes complicated. I am sure we will not provide support for this. Unless something changes, this is definitely out of question.

Regards from Belarus (GMT+3),

Andrei Smolin
Add-in Express Team Leader
Posted 09 Dec, 2019 07:52:50 Top