Reenabling addin via registry

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Reenabling addin via registry

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If the user closes the addin, we would like to run an agent on the client's machine that re-enables the addin. We see that ADXLoader key's value changes from ADXSTART to NORMAL when the addin is enabled, and back to ADXSTART when the user disables the addin. However, manually resetting ADXLoader key to NORMAL does not enable the addin. Which registry keys need to be set to manually re-enable the addin?

(Note: I'm not asking about automatically addins, but rather manually disabled addins.)
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Andrei Smolin

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Hello ludwigvan,

If you disable an add-in using the COM add-ins dialog, this results in setting the LoadBehavior registry value to 2; for an add-in to be loaded, you set LoadBehavior = 3. To find the location of that registry value, see what we term as "the add-in key" in section Locating COM add-ins in the registry at

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Andrei Smolin
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