Outlook hanging when Add-In is loaded

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Outlook hanging when Add-In is loaded
Aaron Robertson-Hodder

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We have found a number of clients where Outlook is freezing when our Add-In is loaded. For some of these we have found that disabling hardware acceleration (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2894215/you-experience-performance-issues,-product-crashes,-or-rendering-issues-in-visual-studio-2015-and-visual-studio-2013) resolves the issue, but not all.

In the product release notes, you state that
Various issues remain in all Office and .NET Framework versions caused by a partial incompatibility of the WPF core and Office GUI.
. Are you able to provide some additional detail to this statement? We are very keen to get to the bottom of this issue and any assistance you can provide would be very gratefully received!


Posted 10 Apr, 2017 20:45:15 Top
Andrei Smolin

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Hello Aaron,

Aaron Robertson-Hodder writes:
In the product release notes, you state that

Seemingly, this doesn't relate to the issue that you experience. An example of such an incompatibility would be a WPF context menu (opened on a pane) not closing when you click e.g. an Outlook item.

Could you please reinstall your add-in on an affected machine, start Outlook and send us copies of the files below to the support email address? Find the support email address in {Add-in Express installation folder}\readme.txt. Please make sure your email contains a link to this topic.

The log files:
- {My Documents}\Add-in Express\adxregistrator.log in the profile of the user who runs the installer
- {My Documents}\Add-in Express\adxloader.log in the profile of the user who starts Outlook

What Add-in Express build are you using? On what Office build does the issue occur? Outlook 32bit or 64bit?

Is it possible that starting your add-in shows a message box *behind* the Outlook window?

Regards from Belarus (GMT+3),

Andrei Smolin
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Posted 11 Apr, 2017 03:27:40 Top