WPF controls on Outlook forms

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WPF controls on Outlook forms
Jeroen Diederix

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We are creating a nice Outlook add-in with sub-pane-forms inside the inspector and explorer. We would love to use WPF controls on these forms, and it seems to work fine when we tried this.

However, the latest release notes still have the following known issue:


WPF + Office 2000 - 2013 Issues:

Various issues remain in all Office and .NET Framework versions caused by a partial incompatibility of the WPF core and Office GUI.

We are wondering what these "various issues" are and how serious these issues are; then we can decide if we continue with WPF, and if so, what problems to lookout for while testing.

Thanks in advance,
Posted 19 Aug, 2015 05:20:18 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

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Hi Jeroen,

We are wondering what these "various issues" are and how serious these issues are;

These issues are in fact related to particular WPF controls and their behavior when the controls are used in the System.Windows.Forms.Integration.ElementHost container but not in fully functional WPF application. The last issue that I remember was with the WPF ComboBox control, it did not work correctly in some scenarios. I would suggest that you test all used WPF controls carefully and, if they work fine, you can continue with WPF.
Posted 19 Aug, 2015 08:54:48 Top