{96C735CB-5A71-46B6-8921-84E3C209F7AF} - For all RTDs?

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{96C735CB-5A71-46B6-8921-84E3C209F7AF} - For all RTDs?

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At first I thought this GUID is randomly generated, then I looked at my RTD module and observed that my ADXRTDServerModule Guid is different.
I then searched for this GUID ({96C735CB-5A71-46B6-8921-84E3C209F7AF}) in my registry and found it in the following locations:

But then I decided to create a brand new RTDServer project (generated a new GUID in the wizard) and lo and behold, that RTDServer was also using this Guid (not as the RTD Guid attribute but as its description).
I'm observing this description through the Options > Add-Ins (but only when the RTD server is running, otherwise it doesn't show it)

I know that GUID is not the RTD Guid, that's not the question, just wondering what is this GUID and why is it the same for all ADX RTD servers.

(as a side note, even searching this forum for this GUID shows questions by some users, unrelated questions, but nonetheless it shows you that it's not random GUID)
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Andrei Smolin

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Hello Nir,

This is how Add-in Express identifies the Office extension type used.

Regards from Belarus (GMT+3),

Andrei Smolin
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Posted 23 Jul, 2015 08:10:46 Top