About "Activations limit exceeded"

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About "Activations limit exceeded"
After upgrade ssd disk, and install latest Add-In Express, Activations limit exceeded 
china sinda

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Joined: 2014-04-08
Hi, I bought "Add-In Express for .net Standard" with 1 seat last week, and I activated it successfully in office and home, pc and laptop.

Yestoday, I upgraded a new ssd disk to my laptop and re-install win7 OS, But when I installed the latest version Add-In Express(adxnet-v705-b4072-vs-std.exe), I received a message said: "Activations limit exceeded".

In this case, what should I do?

Can I cancel or modify the activiations before?
Posted 21 Apr, 2014 03:13:29 Top
china sinda

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Joined: 2014-04-08
Another question: Does it cancel the activation when I uninstall the Add-In Express from my PC? So I can activate it to my another laptop?
Posted 21 Apr, 2014 03:25:59 Top
Svetlana Cheusheva

Add-in Express team

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Hello China,

We have reset the activation counter for your license key. Feel free to reinstall Add-in Express on your upgraded machine.

Uninstalling Add-in Express does not cancel the activation because uninstallation does not require the internet connection and consequently it is not passed to our activation server.

If you have any questions or need more information, don't hesitate to ask me.
Posted 21 Apr, 2014 04:57:30 Top