Using CustomTaskPanes

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Using CustomTaskPanes

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I would like to use native CustomTaskPanes in my solution to avoid rewriting my code to employ ADX's advanced task panes. My question is exactly the same as the first post in this thread: In my existing code, I use "Globals.ThisAddin.CustomTaskPanes.Add" to create a new CTP. How do I do this with ADX? How do I reference the form controls on the UserControl to be shown in the CTP?

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Eugene Astafiev

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Hi Ryan,

Do you develop Add-in Express or VSTO based add-in project?

If you chose the Add-in Express skeleton you need to use the TaskPanes property of the add-in module for adding a custom task pane. Please read more about this in the Custom task panes in Office 2007 - 2010 section of the online documentation.
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