Using Word Add-In when composing email in Outlook

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Using Word Add-In when composing email in Outlook
Clancy Malcolm

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I've got an add-in working in Word 2010. It is primarily a task pane (currently implemented as ADXWordTaskPane) and manipulates the document content.

How can I make the task pane available when writing a new email in Outlook 2010?

Thanks in advance.

Posted 08 Aug, 2012 23:16:24 Top
Eugene Astafiev

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Hi Clancy,

It looks like you need to support Outlook and use the Advanced Outlook view and form regions. The Add-in Express wizard allows you to specify supported Office applications:

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In case of existing add-in project you can modify the SupportedApps property of the add-in module class (select Outlook in the list) and add appropriate interop files to the References.
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Posted 09 Aug, 2012 05:45:35 Top